Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why should I go with Internet Corporation Listing Service?

    Over 80% of referrals come from search engines. To be successful, your site must be listed in many search engines. Search engine referrals are by far the most inexpensive way to drive traffic to your site. Many times, search engines do not list you or drop your site after a period of time, without informing you. Search engine submission does not just mean going to the top several web sites and submitting your URL. URL submission is a critical part of any site maintenance plan. You must submit and resubmit to search engines to ensure that you will get listed and maintain your listing. With so many search engines out there, this is a process that should be automated.

  2. Why should I submit my web site more then one time?

    Many search engines favor recent submissions and search engines drop you from their listings without notifying you. You have a better chance to remain indexed and listed with our service. Your site is re-indexed every quarter.

  3. What kind of reporting do you offer?

    We run an initial ranking report using 25 major search engines using your 8 selected keywords/phrases and e-mail the report to you. We then will submit your domain name and keywords/phrases to the numerous search engines. You will receive a follow up ranking report every three months.

  4. How long does it take before my web site is listed on the search engines?

    Submission to the various search engines can take anywhere from two to eight weeks to process requests. We will monitor your ranking and send you a new report on a quarterly basis. It's very common to take as long as nine months to achieve good placement on the search engines.